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Sound Roots Puppy Coaching

Why Private Coaching?



Are you busy?  Is your schedule irregular?  

Enjoy the convenience of training in your own home or work place without the need to drive anywhere.  Take advantage of our flexible appointment times from week to week to accommodate your schedule.  


Don’t have time to properly socialize your puppy?   Do you want faster results?  

Every day matters in the life of a puppy, especially in the early stages.  Through our day training program we are here to make sure your puppy does not miss out on the critical stages of socialization.  Don’t let your lack of time impede your puppy’s proper development. 


Efficiency and personalization


The instruction is tailored to you and your puppy so we can concentrate specifically on what you need. 

With our personalized instruction we will create a custom training plan that focuses on the behaviors that you consider the most important or challenging.  We adapt our teaching methods according to your preferred style of learning and you will have the undivided attention of the coach.  We can also suggest modifications to your home environment to manage the dog’s behavior and make it easier to be successful in training.




Is your puppy too young?  Or doesn’t have the immunity necessary for group classes?  

No worries!  You shouldn't wait for vaccinations to start training and socializing your companion.  We can start right away so no bad behaviors are developed and the puppy can start practicing  good habits from the beginning.  Our goal is to help prevent problem behaviors and the best time to do it is while they are young and malleable.


Sound Roots Puppy Coaching
Group classes are not a good match for a lot of dogs


Is your dog anxious, overwhelmed or easily aroused in a group environment?  

Group classes are very stimulating, and lots of dogs have difficulty learning in a high distraction setting.  Especially when first learning new behaviors, it is important to start in a location with very few distractions and add them slowly as the puppy masters the behavior.  This is easy to do in the privacy and convenience of your home.



Sound Roots Puppy Coaching
Training experience/practice where it matters most


Does your dog listen out and about but not at home?  

It’s most important that your dog is well behaved where she spends most of her time.  Practice makes perfect and dogs need a lot of repetition to generalize the behaviors they have learned to new locations.  By training in your home we are practicing where it matters most.


Or is your dog an angel at home but a rascal out and about? 

We will go to wherever the problem behavior is occurring and train onsite.  We will help you reach your goals wherever they may be.


Contact us today to get started.


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