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Board & Train (temporarily unavailable)

Sound Roots Puppy Coaching

This is the perfect service for people who: 

  • Do not have a lot of time to do the initial intensive supervision and establish a solid foundation of good manners.

  • Want to make sure that the work they have done will not be undone while they are traveling.

  • Just want a break from their puppy!  

Your dog stays in our home while we do the training

Board & Train


Temporarily unavailable

During the board & train program, your pup will stay in my home and will be part of our family life.  Furthermore, he/she will receive intensive professional training, and excellent care. The puppy receives a very positive experience and learns while gaining confidence and building a strong foundation on good manners.  Basically, the puppy gets to have a mini vacation while being trained.  During the day, we will not only work on proper socialization, body handling, general manners, and polite behavior (including loose leash walking),  but I will also do specific training sessions on whatever behaviors are necessary for that particular pup. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

An assessment needs to be passed to qualify for this service.  The Board and Train is always followed by private sessions to make sure that the foundation and training continues at your home. $350 per day on weekdays and $400 on weekends and holiday blocks.

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